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Mamas Making It Work!: Jessica Runs her Bookstore in "Clonky" Shoes!

Hello Jessica Stockton-Bagnulo! Please describe a pair of your favorite work shoes and tell us what sound they make? I have some suede high-heeled boots that make me feel very professional. My daughter (Marian) describes all my nice shoes as “clonky shoes” so they must sound clonky. What’s your occupation? Bookstore owner! I also do a lot of planning and hosting events, so I have to be on stage sometimes (that’s when I wear the most fancy shoes.) CL Must Add: Jessica is the co-founder/owner (with Rebecca Fitting) of the incredible Greenlight Bookstore with two Brooklyn locations. Not only is Jessica an incredible role model of a successful entrepreneur, but also of a generous one. Jessica w

Mamas Making it Work! Mali Locke Raises a Reader

Hello Mali Locke! Please describe a pair of your favorite work shoes and tell us what sound they make? While our office requires business attire, I usually wear my Tom's most days since I don't always have client meetings and my feet are under the desk most of the time. They make a sort of scoot scoot sound as I walk on the carpet. What’s your occupation? I'm a philanthropy advisor. What age children do you have? I have one four year old boy. What does your child think you do all day? (please ask them and tell us in their own words if you can!) He said “computers” and “I don’t know” - he’s absolutely right! How do you and your family benefit from your being a working mama? Other than earning