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Welcome to Show & Tell (aka The Blog)

September 15, 2015


The Blog scares me. Having one I mean. A Blog always has to have Something Special & Smart To Say. A Blog devours time. A Blog needs to be taken Out. There. Often. A Blog might typo in public. A Blog is supposed to Represent. A Blog might get into trouble and have technical difficulties. A Blog has claimed squatters rights on my To-Do list. It's big and scary and I imagine it is dripping in dough like the scene from Max & Moritz that used to freak me out as a kid.



So, this isn't a blog, this isShow & Tell!


This will be where author, educator, MSW candidate, chaotically human Caron will show & tell internet-style about experiences, ponders, and wonders. Generally there might be Edumotional posts pondering and celebrating feelings; Act-Like-A-Writer posts wondering about that writing process thing; Author Stuff posts, will let you know about adventures my books have gotten me into, and other posts will probably be about matters I care about like arts education, reading-out-loud, justice, kindness, turtles, the color purple, purple turtles—oh, and dry ice! Dry ice is what I used to bring to Show & Tell in grammar school. Dry ice is awesome, it's so cold it burns! But that might need to be a whole other post...


Thanks for reading, sharing, and protecting me from the scary Blog thing. 





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