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Dramatically Different!
Professional & Personal Enrichment 

Workshops for Adults
with Caron Levis, Author, MFA, LMSW
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"The class taught me how to engage with my characters, both individually and as a group, more effectively than any other class ever has. It just made concepts click. Loved it.  You're like a writing therapist."

-N.P. MFA graduate student, The New School


Workshops for Who? 
Educators, Caregivers, Writers

What’s Dramatically Different?
This is where my life-long interests, experiences, and training in writing, theatre, social-emotional skills, and supporting kids meet! My workshops are always Interactive, Seriously Playful, Practical, Audience Adjusted 

Current Offerings: (ask for my Info Packet for up to date info, rates, deatils) 

 Social-Emotional (SEL) Workshops for Educator Professional Development; Caregiver-Support

  •  Exploring-Emotions-Together:  Create brave emotional explorers by using picture-books as a safe-space and a trampoline for engaging kids in conversations and activities about Big-Feelings, Big-Questions, Big-Changes. Participants will gain practical tools enabling them to confidently and playfully support kids in developing social-emotional and communication skills. We’ll identify and practice strategies for engagement, reflective listening, sharing tough-truths, shaping self-awareness, and more. You will tap into your own strengths, gain new ideas for engaging and supporting your explorers! Choose a topic below! Available as: Half-Day PD or Enrichment presentation. 
    • Words-for-Loss: Strengthening  communication  about bereavement, accompanying-losses, and   love. Springboard book: Ida, Always. 
    • Apart of Our Together: Navigating separations and reunions. Spring board book: Feathers Together.
    • And more! 
  • Recipe-for-Self Care: You are the most important resource in your children’s lives, so taking care of you is taking care of them. You wouldn’t give the kids a burnt cookie—so let’s gather the ingredients you need to refresh the most important treat they have. We’ll gather to swap tips, explore our senses, and combine the language of poetry and cooking to create a realistic recipe for supporting ourselves as we support others. (And you’ll be able to use what we do with kids and other adults too!) Available as: Half-Day PD or Enrichment presentation.

Teaching of Writing/Literacy Workshops:  for Educator Professional Development; Caregiver-Support
  • Re-framing reVISION: Does the idea of rewriting induce groans in your classroom?  Enter a writer who knows alllll about the challenges and joys of revising and believes in the power of words to reframe anything. For me and most writers, writing is revision. Yet, many kids dread the idea of drafting. I developed this PD workshop when teachers requested it after seeing how I reveal my own revision process with students during author visits. I love offering this way to reframe and refresh the writing process—and because teaching is about reVISION too, I even love revising it.) 
      Available as: Half-Day PD or Enrichment presentation
  • Interactive Storytime Techniques: Great for librarians, teachers, parents, and other authors. Let’s all practice creating story-times that can engage a group of young wiggly readers from beginning to end! I’ve been absorbing, learning, and creating tools and techniques to keep the storytime energy up, focused, and fun for over 25 years. You’ll learn key phrases to keep attention flowing, tools for shifting the affect levels, and ways to let the words in any story work for you. 
Available as: Half-Day PD or Enrichment presentation
  • Caron’s Craft & Career Chat: Author visits are for grown-ups too! Here you will get a grown-up version of the writing process talk I offer kids in the classroom. I’ll give an overview about my writing process and publishing journey and gear the rest to your questions. Teachers can take away info to use in the classroom, parents to share with kids at home, and writers and readers can find out the reality of how books get made. 
Available as: Half-Day PD or Enrichment presentation

Writing Workshops: for All Writers of any genres, forms, and audiences (combined groups welcome!)

  • Act-Like-A-Writer: active techniques for the page! 
 Actors, like writers, are storytellers and master acting teachers have discovered many tools for developing character, voice, story, emotional truth, and even ways to coax the muse. In this workshop, acting techniques have been adapted for the creative writer as a new, immediate and practical approach to the page. Participants will be introduced to methods based on the works of Michael Chekhov, Stanislavski, and Lenard Petit. We will be writing as well as putting down our pens to move through different acting exercises. Shy, introverted scribes need not be afraid—we won't be performing or putting anybody in the spotlight. All you need is your pen, paper, and sense of play. Come peek behind the curtain and find something to steal. For writers of fiction/non-fiction/poetry/plays/screenplays whether you write for children, young adults, or adult audiences.  Available as: Half-Day Workshop/PD 
  • Page-to-Stage: Did somebody ask you to read--out loud?! Whether you relish or dread it, the public reading is part of a writer's life. The experience should and can be enjoyable for both you and your audience. This will prepare you to be comfortable, confident, and creative while reading your work. You'll learn about material selection, relaxation, projection, inflection, and engaging an audience. For shy new speakers and experienced spotlight lovers.  
Available as: Half-Day PD or one-to-one coaching.

Advanced Writing for Children Presentations: (45-60 minutes) 
  • TMI vs. Overprotection: Balancing honesty/comfort when tackling tough topics in Picture Books. 
  • So Emotional: Techniques for infusing your writing with feelings. 

Seeking a Speaker for your large Event or Conference?
Presentation versions of most of the above can be requested or ask about specific topics. 
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