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Dramatically Different  Workshops for Adults

"The class taught me how to engage with my characters, both individually and as a group, more effectively than any other class ever has. It just made concepts click.

Loved it.

You're like a writing therapist."


-N.P. MFA graduate student, The New School


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Caron’s Signature Workshops for Adults


For Educators, Parents, Caretakers:


Strengthening caregiver communication with children about bereavement, loss, and love. 

In this workshop, participants will learn how to use Ida, Always, by Caron Levis and other picture books on loss to creatively and confidently explore love, death, and grief with young children. Using her experience as a loss & bereavement group facilitator, Caron will enhance participants’ knowledge about how children process and cope and offer strategies for supporting kids whether they’ve experienced a loss personally or have become curious about the lifecycle. Participants will leave with walk away practical tools they can start using immediately to support and strengthen communication in their families and communities. (Workshop time: 90-120 minutes with participant #: 6-30;  Large Lecture also possible: 60 minutes)


Turn to Me:

Techniques for talking about tough topics with young children.

In this workshop, participants will explore using picture books as a way to creatively engage kids in challenging conversations on any topic and navigate Big Feelings, Big Events, and Big Questions. Participants will leave with information and practical tools they can start using immediately to support and strengthen communication in their families and communities.  (Workshop time: 90-120 minutes with participant #: 6-30;  Large Lecture also possible: 60 minutes)



for Writers:


Active Techniques for the Page

For writers of fiction/non-fiction/poetry/plays/screenplays whether you write for children, young adults, or adult audiences. In this workshop, acting techniques have been adapted for the creative writer as a new, immediate and practical approach to the page.​ Participants will be introduced to methods based on the works of Michael Chekhov, Stanislavski, and Lenard Petit. We will be writing as well as putting down our pens to move through different acting exercises. Shy, introverted scribes need not be afraid—we won't be performing or putting anybody in the spotlight. All you need is your pen, paper, and sense of play. Come peek behind the curtain and find something to steal.

     ALAW can be offered as a one-day workshop to a year-long course. Ask about the signature 3 session introduction package and specialty workshops like Act-Like-A-CHILDren’s-Writer: Make Believable Characters. Detailed info available by request.  (Time: 2-3 hours, participant #: 6-30)



You wrote it, and now somebody wants you to read it--out loud!

Whether you relish or dread it, the public reading is part of a writer's life. The experience should and can be enjoyable for both you and your audience. This workshop will prepare you to be comfortable, confident, and creative while reading your work. You'll learn exercises for relaxation, projection, and expression and practice techniques for engaging your audience. Whether you are a shy new speaker or an experienced reader you will take away techniques for making your moment enjoyable and memorable. Available for college, grad students, writing centers, corporate training, and more. (Time: 2-3 hours, participant #: 6-30)



More Workshops/Talk Topics for Adults

The sample topics below can be adapted for large audience lectures or smaller hands-on workshops. Caron is always adding new workshops and is happy to discuss creating something for your specific audience or event. 


For Writers & Readers: Crafting emotions; Approaching tough topics for young readers; reVISION techniques; Reframing rejection. 


For Parents, Educators, Caretakers: Yes, And!: Positive communication techniques; Interactive Storytelling techniques for home or the classroom; Creative Self-Care writing practices for personal growth.


For College/University Students:

What Will I Be When I Grow Up Graduate? An author talk focusing on navigating the non-linear artistic career path.




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