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This Way, Charlie
 Thanks KidLit TV for sharing the cover and  Q&A between me and illustrator Charles Santoso!
A new picture book with, and about, old friends is on it's way! Check out what's coming here. 


Unexpected friendships that spring up just when needed; friends who gently challenge each other to step through storms; creatures who inspire one another to grow from muddy places. I am delighted that the team of Ida, Always is coming back together for this new story. 

Share Your Story

I was honored to be asked to write this post for the wonderful Modern Loss community.
An Award
for Ida, Always!
 Children's Literature Centre at Frostburg University is honoring Ida, Always! 

 "An annual award for the children's picture book that most embodies the attributes of compassion, love, and courage." For more information, including how to attend the banquet, where I will be giving a talk, on October 6th go here. 

May I Have...
a reviews!
May I Have A Word? reviews by Publishers Weekly & Kirkus

"Breezy and boldly visual, it will have children looking at the letters on their own refrigerators with new respect—and it should provide teachers with inspiration for classroom activities, too." Read the full PW review here. ]


"Keen and clever with a knack for clear instruction." Read the full Kirkus Review here. 

An Award
for Ida, Always!
Ida, Always has recieved the Sakura Medal for English language picture books. 

Charles and I are touched to have received the Sakura Medal from international schools in Japan. This is so special as students not only make the selection but also endow the medal itself with "warmth and blessing of many small fingers who...hold the actual medal" which is therefore, "smudged with love." A giant smudge of love back to you all, and to all who made this book. Congratulations to the 2nd grade artist Kentaro Fujita for winning the Sakura art contest! I am proud to have a print. 

An Award
for Ida, Always!
Ida, Always has recieved a Christopher Award
Charles and I are honored and so moved that our book has been given such a meaningful award. 

“It’s better to light one candle than to curse the darkness”— guides its publishing, radio, and awards programs.   More information about The Christophers is available at"


I am Happy and Excited, Grateful, and Proud to be able to offer caregivers, teachers, librarians and all readers this free downloadable Activity guide. In it you will find all kinds of activities, tips, and information to turn reading Ida, Always into an interactive experience for you and your young reader. Become Emotional Explorers, and create a language of loss and love that will keep you communicating, always. 

Find it here, on the Ida, Always page. Download it, share it, and let me know how you used it!



  is here!


Shelf Talker



The NY Times Review!

(aka Wowee Kazowee)


"Ida, Always" for all...a review I'll keep with me, always

This PW ShelfTalker review made me feel beary happy. 


"More than any other book on loss, Ida, Always manages to tell a story that is just as good at comforting a child experiencing loss as it is at explaining loss to a child who has yet to experience it. This second quality lifts Ida, Always into being “a book for every child."

Happy ValenTIMES day Gus & Ida!

Caron and Charles are thrilled (to put it mildly) about this beautiful review of Ida, Always by Dan Yaccarino in THE NY Times Book Review. Caron had to read this line many times to begin believing it was really there:

"It’s an example of children’s books at their best."

But it's there! In black and white. Read it for yourself and learn about the other wonderful books in this article too. Especially, Worm Loves Worm illustrated by a Brooklyn friend, the awesomely talented, Mike Curato.





Twinkle, Twinkle, little PW STAR!

Ida, Always got a starred review from Publisher's Weekly. Caron and Charles are honored and thrilled. Read it here!


Twinkle, Twinkle, little SLJ STAR!

Ida, Always got a starred review from School Library Journal. Caron and Charles are honored and thrilled. Read it here!


Starlight, starbright..,thank you Shelf Awareness!

Charles and I are thrilled that Ida, Always received ithis starred review from the splendiforous Shelf Awareness. Read it here. 

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