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play/film productions include:


AttendantA young woman fighting for her honor—and the soap—in a ladies restroom discovers sometimes another woman’s stare beats the male gaze.

Film version: produced by Adelaid Raleigh Productions 

Execustive producer: Leigh Adel-Arnold; Directed/Edited by Mark Stetson Cast: Leigh Adel-Arnold, Suzanne H. Smart, Dan Hartley.

Voted Best Short, Best Actress, Best Director Nominee, & Official Selection of Sunscreen Film Festival West. 

Official Selection of Sunscreen Film Festival 2019; Garden State Film Festival 2019; 


Theatrical version: 

Voted Audience Favorite at the Estrogenius Festival,NYC.


Flight Risk: He'll be sorry he asked her to step out of the vehicle... 

       Selected for Samuel French's Final Forty; Voted

       audience favorite at the Estrogenius Festival,

       published in the Estrogenius Anthology

Captivity: The elephant between two co-workers is growing hard to ignore. 

Selected for Samuel French's Final Forty; Staged as part of the Writers-In-Performance lab at  theTribeca Performing Arts Center.


My Snow, is my first zine!

Illustrated and produced by the amazing paper and book artist Aimee Lee, My Snow, is catalogued and lives in the Special Collections Division, at Michigan State University. 



When All is Not Sugar & Spice: Helping Kids Write About Sadness. Read about Caron's visit with Blooz to a Newtown School in the winter issue of Teachers & Writers Magazine.  


Caron Guest Blogs about the blues!

Get tips about how to talk to a chid who's feeling blue...ideas for everyone with a special nod to the important role an Aunt might play...Read it on


A lesson plan on reVISION!

Read this free article about and use a Dramatic reVISION lesson plan to get students excited about revising!

 Read on the T&W blog here. 


(Plus check out this short fun animation by the artist Rosa Lykiardopolous based on Caron's short story, Lunch Break.



Short-stories inspired by moments in New York City classrooms. 

Permission Slip (read it on Fence Portal here)

"This NOT your principal speakin. This. Is. Nessa... And 
all I’m sayin is people best watch out. All I’m sayin is if somebody got burnt, not my fault. I didn do nothin. Is just my invisible hotness."

Listed in The Best American Nonrequired Reading, winner of the SLS Unified Literary Contest, published in Fence Magazine, can now be found in FAKES, a new anthology published by W.W. Norton. edited by David Shields and Matthew Vollmer 


Bookforum Review: "In real life, school permission slips administer institutional protocols, and parking tickets reduce misguided decisions to numbers that encode violations and fines. But in the hands of Caron A. Levis and Amy Hempel, both of whom have fiction reprinted in Fakes, the appropriation of these forms allows the human element in. Levis’s protagonist takes revenge on the permission slip (without which she has been excluded from class) by telling her story over the public address system of her school."


Late Pass (read here)


"...Been weeks since anybody bugged on me bout anything in this school.  Nothin like a shot up dead brother to keep teachers off your back, right? "

Published in The New Guard Review, nominated for Pushcart Prize, and finalist in the Machiagonne Fiction Contest.

​A Whole Other


"I am the mom in charge of my daughter. Daughter. That word used to mean me."


This flash fiction piece was published in Sudden Flash Youth: 65 Short-Short Stories, by Persea Books.

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