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"Best friends must learn to enjoy life apart until they can be reunited...
The author draws out the tension in the most delicious way,
readers rushing to the end so that the birds can be reunited..."
-Kirkus, starred review

"It’s a moving, affirming story of commitment that withstands change."
~Publishers Weekly starred review

“Feathers Together” is a long-distance love story that imparts wisdom about the powerful feelings that come with separation and reunion.”
~The New York Times Book Review
From the award-winning team behind Ida, Always and This Way, Charlie comes an uplifting story of animal friendship, inspired by a real-life pair of storks whose bond overcame great distance

Best friends Malena and Klepetan always adventure together! The two excitedly prepare to fly thousands of miles for the flock’s annual migration to a warm winter. But when Malena is injured, she stays in Croatia while Klepetan goes to South Africa—and the pair must navigate the turbulent winds of separation for the first time.

Being apart is hard. Malena and Klepetan miss each other achingly, and they have big feelings about adventuring on their own. But even over the vast distance, the two brave explorers discover ways to enjoy their separate seasons while keeping their hearts connected—and their hopes aloft that spring will bring them back together.
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