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get a glimpse of Caron's "virtual" energy in this taped video for the Brooklyn Museum Book Fair.
Get A Glimpse...
Video clips:

working with Behind the Book

NY 1 segment on the Queens Book Festival

Stuck with the Blooz storytime in the park

Chalkboard Talk....
What Educators Are Saying:

“Caron’s interactive, full body [virtual] presentation along with hands-on activities kept kids engaged and emotionally connected to the story as well as her experiences in book making. I’ll be using some of her grounding technique for my own future class visits!”  

-Alessandra Affinito, NYPL Librarian Organizer.

"Not only did Caron read aloud to the students and act out certain scenes, but she also described her creative process, told them where her ideas came from, showed them her numerous drafts, revisions...even discussed the many letters of rejection she received from publishing houses and how it made her feel."            -visit to Columbia Grammar School

"What stood out was how incredibly she interacted with, managed, and built a relationship with kids she hardly knew!"                                                                                                            ‑ 1st grade teacher, Riverdale Country School

"Other kindergarten classes should absolutely invite Caron into their rooms." -teacher, Riverdale Country School

"I couldn't believe how much he participated. You don't understand, he never participates. That was huge for him."

‑2nd grade, Explore Charter School

"More than any author I've seen, you have an abilty to bring the students energy way up, but also enable them to calm back down so they're ready to keep working in their classrooms."    -Host observing a 1st grade workshop.

"The 1st graders at the school where I am a social worker recently had the privilege of a visit by Caron Levis.  Keeping the attention of young children for over 30 minutes is no easy feat... Caron has a knack for keeping her lessons interactive, engaging, and fun.  She goes out of her way to  offer opportunities for student  participation and she clearly cares about and takes the time to thoughtfully answer the questions asked by her young readers."     

-Carrie Cohen, LCSW

Thank you to the schools, libraries, stories, and festivals that invite me to meet such creative and curious readers!

City & Country School, New York, NY

Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School, New York, NY

Riverdale Country Lower School, Riverdale, NY

PS 15 Brooklyn NY

PS 11 Brooklyn, NY

PS 20 Brooklyn, NY

PS 156 Brooklyn, NY

IS 392 Brooklyn, NY

Explore Charter School, Brooklyn

Community Roots, Brooklyn

PS 49, Bronx, NY

Harlem Prep Charter School, Bronx, NY

The Blue School, New York, NY

The Berkeley Carroll School, Brooklyn NY

The Diener School, Potomac, MD

Winthrop Elementary, Melrose, MA

Roosevelt School, Melrose MA

Hawley School, Newtown, CT

Deep River Elementary, Deep River, CT

and everybody!

Greenlight Bookstore, Brooklyn, NY

Book Culture, New York, NY

Books of Wonder, New York, NY

The Book Mark Shoppe, Brooklyn NY

Bestsellers Cafe, Medford, MA

PowerHouse Books, Brooklyn, NY

Sprout San Francisco, New York, NY

Politics & Prose, D.C.



The Brooklyn Museum Book Fair, Brooklyn, NY

The Wonder of Words Festival, Des Moines, IA

The Queens Book Festival, LIC, NY


An Open Book Foundation, D.C.

Behind The Book, NYC

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