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Writing workshops, Guest teaching/talks, manuscript consulting



Practical and Playful Techniques for the Page
For All Writers of any genre, form, audience age children's through adult. 


"The class taught me how to engage with my characters, both individually and as a group, more effectively than any other class ever has. It just made concepts click. Loved it.  You're like a writing therapist."

-N.P. MFA graduate student, The New School


 In Caron's signature writing workshop, acting techniques have been adapted for creative writers to provide a playfully practical unique approach to the page. Writers walk away with tangible tools for developing character, voice, story, emotional truth, and even ways to coax the museWe will be writing as well as putting down our pens to move through different acting exercises. Shy, introverted scribes need not be afraid—we won't be performing or putting anybody in the spotlight. All you need is your pen, paper, and sense of play.  

For writers of fiction/non-fiction/poetry/plays/screenplays whether you write for children, young adults, or adult audiences.  

Available as: Half-Day Workshop/PD 

more workshops & presentations
Page-to-Stage: Preparation for Public Readings
Did somebody ask you to read--out loud?! Whether you relish or dread it, the public reading is part of a writer's life. The experience should and can be enjoyable for both you and your audience. This will prepare you to be comfortable, confident, and creative while reading your work. You'll learn about material selection, relaxation, projection, inflection, and engaging an audience. For shy new speakers and experienced spotlight lovers.  
Advanced Writing for Children Workshops/Presentations
  • TMI vs. Overprotection: Balancing honesty/comfort when tackling tough topics in Picture Books. 
  • So Emotional: Techniques for infusing your writing with feelings. 
Seeking a Speaker for your large Event or Conference?
Presentation versions of most of the above can be requested or ask about specific topics. 
Manuscript Consulting & Public Speaking Coaching

Caron may be available for consulting on your children's book, short story, personal essay, or love letters. She can also provide private coaching sessions for public speaking events, whether you need help with performance anxiety or designing a spectacular event. 
Contact for rates and availability.
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