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"I couldn't believe how much he participated. You don't understand, he never participates.
That was huge for him."         
‑2nd grade teacher, Explore Charter School
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School/Community Author Visit Descriptions

Participant Age-Range: Unless otherwise noted, all workshops are adaptable from age pre-k through groan-ups!

Yes, it’s true! Caron’s extensive experience with all ages mixed with her theatrical training allows her to create programs adaptable to any age group.


1. Interactive Author Reading with Under the Covers Q&A:  

Caron uses interactive storytelling to read with kids and share her creative practice and the publishing process with an emphasis on imagination, revision, trial & error, and persistence. All programs include both literacy and SEL skills.

 Choose book specific focus from below or let Caron pick:

  • Dream Wild!: After kids try to help Caron Stop That Yawn!  They will use their imaginations to brainstorm their own adventures. The group will also explore how to manage their own affect levels by identifying what makes them “AWAKE!” and “peaceful.”

  • Playing with Words: The group brainstorms, creates, and acts out their own collaborative story based on the story structure and process Caron uses in May I Have A Word? Kids identify elements of a story such as: character, setting, problem/solution

  • Bear Emotions (K & up): Using creative drama, writing, art exercises, kids identify and explore emotions through the sounds and heartbeats of Ida, Always and engage in the bears’ journey of friendship, loss, and love.

  • Play with the Blooz: Kids discover the "weird writer questions" Caron used to create the character from Stuck with the Blooz. We'll draw, act, and engage with Blooz and other feelings that visit us all. (Note this title is currently unavailable for purchase but 1 copy is available for event site.)

  • *Coming for Fall 2019: Work Together! After reading Mama’s Work Shoes, participants will take part in activities to strengthen skills of communicating feelings of separation anxiety and will brainstorm strategies to support kids (and caretakers!) on those days where you just miss someone sooooo much!


2. After the Author Visit Extension Workshops: Choose from the extended workshops below to let your students delve deeper. These can be single or multiple session workshops added onto initial visits or on a different day.

  • Bearing Your Heart: (1st grade and up) In this follow-up session to the author reading of Ida, Always. Kids explore empathy, how to be a good friend while navigate tough situations and emotions. In consultation with teachers activities may include creating Emotional Expert Advice Books, A “Now What Gus?” sequel story, or more.

  • Stop That Yawn—& Start your Imagination! Students will explore the writing process and elements of a story such as character, setting, objective, problem/solution, emotion, and detail by creating their own stories based on Caron’s process of either Stop That Yawn! This may result in a group story and/or individuals. This can be done in an extended session on the same day or as a follow up visit and can be extended again to include revision and editing.

  • May I Have…YOUR Story? Caron will work with teachers on creating excitement around whatever spelling topic the class is working on. This may include drama activities and/or creating a group or individual letter books inspired by May I Have A Word?

  • Emotional Creatures: Kids will use what they learned about the "weird writer questions" Caron used to create the character from Stuck with the Blooz to create their own emotional creature characters and stories.  Through this kids will engage their senses, imaginations, bodies, and smarts, to explore emotions—what are they? How do they affect us? How can we use them creatively?

  • Write YOUR Picture Book: Adaptable for any age, Caron gets participants started on writing a picture book started on choosing their own characters, settings, and stories



"Other kindergarten classes should absolutely invite Caron into their rooms." -teacher, Riverdale Country School.

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