"I couldn't believe how much he participated. You don't understand, he never participates.
That was huge for him."         
‑2nd grade teacher, Explore Charter School
Virtual Visits:
Big Changes, Big Feelings, & Big FUN!
“…she could give Charlie time to see in his own new way.” -This Way, Charlie.
To arrange a Visit or Speaking Engagement,
contact Caron at write2caron@gmail.com
Thank you for inviting me to meet your s
“Caron’s interactive, full body [virtual] presentation along with hands-on activities kept kids engaged and emotionally connected to the story as well as her experiences in book making. I’ll be using some of her grounding technique for my own future class visits!”  
-Alessandra Affinito, NYPL Librarian Organizer.
Hello Friends,
I hope you and yours are healthy in body and spirits today. In my new book This Way, Charlie Jack the goat and Charlie the horse are navigating Big Changes and Big Feelings just like we are, so I’ve followed their lead and adapted programming for virtual visits. Below you’ll find info on my present offerings. If a virtual school visit/workshop might be a part of brightening the day for your kids and community, please reach out! I'll send you the most current into and availability. I’d be delighted to see your students in this new way.  
“one hoof in front of the other.”
Always, Caron
All Virtual Visits…
  • Are Interactive: I use acting & storytelling skills to engage the audience & provide an “in person” atmosphere.
  • Explore social/emotional themes and skills.
  • Reveal & Engage students in the writing process and literacy language.
  • Create Joy! Because writing is Serious Playful Business.
  • Go with the Flow: I am highly skilled in Rolling With It when it comes to unexpected changes, kid questions, tech glitches, and more.
Current Info & Offerings
(for the most up to date info and rates email and request a Visit Info Packet)
Book Focus: My new book This Way, Charlie is the default focus story for visits as exploring its themes of friendship, change, and big feelings has felt soothing and useful at this time. If you would like to request a different book/theme focus, just let me know! I have programs for all my books.
Themes/Skills: Every visit touches upon both literacy and social emotional themes. You can let me know if you’d like to weigh one more.

Participant Age-Range: Unless otherwise noted, all workshops are adaptable from age pre-k through groan-ups!

Yes, it’s true! Caron’s extensive experience with all ages mixed with her theatrical training allows her to create programs adaptable to any age group.

Time: Most visits K& up are 45-60 minutes. Pre-K is typically 25-30. Drop-By-Chats are 25.
Rates range: $150—800
*Pre-Visit Videos:  For all starred below, I ask you to have students first watch the taped Read-A-Loud of This Way, Charlie available from KidLit TV in order to make best use of our time together as writers. (We may read smaller portions of stories during the visit in addition.)
  • Author Storytime & Activity: Pre-k & UP, 30-40 minutes.
Includes a live storytime plus one interactive activity and/or Q&A session (both if time allows.)Kids will make connections about friendship and feelings while reading and explore the power of imagination and friendship via a creative group activity (adapted to age.) Optional post activity sheets allow you to take the visit further.
  • *Story-Making Magic Tricks:  (1st-4th grade. 30-45 minutes.) Learn the real author magic behind creating a story and how to—POOF—make your own! Student use their “magic hats” (senses, imagination) and “magic wands” (pencils and paper) to learn some “magic tricks” to conjure characters, setting, action, main idea and more. Students get glimpses of the process behind This Way, Charlie  and other books and  leave with the inspiration, ideas, and the spell they need to start their own animal friendship story. Story elements adapted for age.
  • *Dramatic ReVISION: (2rd grade and UP, 30-45 minutes.) Get students engaged in the power of ReVISION. Students will learn and practice  Caron’s Acts of ReVISION as they get to see the small and big changes she has made in the many, many, many, many….drafts of her books.
  • *Drop-By Q&A: (20-25 minutes for K and up) Acknowledging that time and budgets are strained, I’ve added the drop by visit. Pre-visit, students watch the online author read-aloud and prepare some questions. During the visit, I will talk about the process of creating the story and answer questions. Option: If students do the Moon Medal or other activity at home, they can then share them with me during the visit. (Special low Big Changes Rate)
  • For Groan-Ups: Ask about Words-for-Loss, Recipe for Self-Care, & Dramatically Different Writing Workshops.