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As a kid, I had this "cozy corner" where I charged 25 cents for "invited guests" (aka my sister) to come hang out. I served lemonade that I'd stolen from the fridge and offered activities such as reading, writing, make-believing, and blowing bubbles, since that's what I liked to do. Still do.


I got hooked on books at age two when mom kept reading Good Night Moon and The Very Hungry Caterpillar in her terrific Brooklyn accent. I fell in love with theatre when dad took me to see the Fantasticks and one of the actors 'fell' right into my lap. I realized teachers were super cool by hanging out with my grandma, a life-long kindergarten teacher. 


If you poke around these pages you'll find out about picture booksauthor visitsworkshops for writers, plays/film, and more.  I have an LMSW,  MFA in creative writing, and am trained in acting, zen meditation, and eavesdropping. (I've also had the power vested in me by the state of New York so I can write and officiate wedding ceremonies. For real.) Unfortunately, I can't serve you lemonade here, but you also get to keep your quarter.  Thanks for visiting.


​p.s. click here for publicity bio, or  here for my full professional-like bio​.


p.p.s this is a pre-school emotion exploring assignment--I guess writing always made me happy!

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