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Where Can I Order Your Books? 

Short Answer: Anywhere books are sold! We are so grateful that you are choosing to add our book to your shelves, gift to friends, or donate to readers! Please get them wherever works for you. Borrowing/asking libraries also supports us! People ask if I have preferences so here's some more info on choices:

Support INDEPENDENT Book Stores: Books like mine get support from indies and we like to support them! The truth is that it is so challenging to for a book to stay on shelves and a bookstore to stay on the block. These are precious places. Support yours--or mine--whenever you can. Find yours on: 
Indiebound (Walk in!) (Order from indies anywhere!)

SIGNED/PERSONALIZED Books! Order from these stores, write in the comments that you'd like signed or "personalized to____"  

THE BIGGIES: When you buy from the big online places, this helps our books move up in ye ole algorithms, especially if you please leave a review!
Barnes & Noble  

REVIEWS Help! Whether you purchased your books or found them in the library, reviews are so appreciated and are truly key to keeping our books in the world and finding readers.

Thank you for being mighty readers and mighty book supporters!
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