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Grit Your Teeth, Seal Your Lips, and...
Gabby Wild has had enough of bedtime. Yawn, curl, snuggle, snore—what a bore! So instead of tucking in, she jets out—with poor Granny in tow—to a place where beds are for bouncing, hushes are shushed, and it’s never too late for ice cream. But sometimes, even when you grit your teeth and seal your lips, it’s impossible to stop that…YAWN!
"Text by Levis (Ida, Always) crackles, and show-stopping artwork by Pham (Grace for President) is great fun. "  -Publishers Weekly
"Stop That Yawn is one of my new favorite favorites."
                 -Jill Moore, from Square Books Jr.
An "outstanding merit" title in the Best Children's Book of the Year lisselected by Bank Street College of Education's Children's Book Committee. 


Stop That Yawn!

illustrated by LeUyen Pham

Published by Atheneum/Simon & Schuster

Available at:

     The Book Mark Shoppe (free shipping here)

Wherever you find it this Never Sleeping Author thanks you! (and if you can, thank you so much for your review, too!)

 But whatever you do, don't you dare


don't even think about YAWNing,

or dream of YAWNing, 



did you just...

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