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  • Caron Levis with Jack and Charlie

This Way to Bravery & Peace: This Way, Charlie activity

Dear Readers,

Jack, the goat & Charlie, the horse know how challenging unexpected Big Changes can be, so they want to help you to feel brave & safe today!

Here (below) are two simple exercises to help young kids invite feelings of bravery and safety into their bodies—which is something both Charlie the horse, and Jack, the goat need to do in the new book This Way, Charlie by me and Charles Santoso which arrives April 21st. You don’t need the book to do these exercises; if your kids explore these feelings now, they’ll enjoy recognizing them in the animal friends when they do read the book.

These exercises are sneak-peeks of the full, free, downloadable activity guide that will be available to help you explore the book with activities about navigating challenging circumstances, emotions, and ways to strengthen bonds while adjusting to change. I hope these might be useful and if you try them, let me know how it goes! I’d love to hear about it.

Be kind and patient with yourselves and each other friends.




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