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Off-Shore Storytimes: Check here for updates!

Dear Readers,

We are all experiencing Big Changes and many Big Feelings at this time, and since This Way, Charlie is all about two animal friends navigating big challenges together, I hope this tale will bring you some joy and inspiration. Please mark your calendars for the This Way, Charlie events below (I'll keep updating, so check back & link to me on the social-medias for the latest.) I'll be continuing to add activities on the website that you and kiddos at home can use to explore feelings and friendship the way Jack and Charlie do.

Upcoming Live InterActive Author Events:

Watch Anytime Taped Events!

IF you are able, order your copy of This Way, Charlie today and support book makers and sellers. Times are super tough, so we understand not everybody can order books right now. IF you are a reader who can, know that every time you order a book (especially a new release) you are helping to ensure creators, publishers, booksellers can keep making books for you to read now and into the future. It's an especially important time to support your favorite hard working local indie bookseller—or one of mine—so you can read along with me at home. helps you locate local bookstores who can let you know how they are delivering at this time, and is a new wonderful way to support locals with all the convenience of online shopping!

Stay in touch! I will have activities to help us explore friendship, feelings, walks and ways to stay together, from a distance!

Grateful to the hosts of these Past This Way, Charlie Events:

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1 Comment

Mar 24, 2020

Love this, I have preordered 5 copies!!!!

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